The Real Value of a Paid Pilot Study “Try Before you Buy”

by Eileen SullivanScully on 20th June 2018

The Real Value of a Paid Pilot Study “Try Before you Buy”

Trying software before you buy, allows companies to manage risks and validate its benefits. It’s a huge benefit for companies and makes sense to “try before you buy”. We call this a Paid Pilot Study. The Paid Pilot Study is an excellent way to implement the solution in a limited capacity.

Risk plays a major factor when implementing new technology. The Use Case Studies help companies make decisions, however the reality is every company is different and there is some level of risk. With a try before you buy, pilot study, the impact of failure is limited.

When the pilot study project gets executed, the risks that are identified can be evaluated in terms of the actual solution being implemented. It is a great way for the End Users to get a real taste of the software and helps key decision makers feel more comfortable about buying the solution.

In setting up a pilot study it is important to design the pilot to test the most difficult risk areas. That is why when companies are buying software solutions they should choose a vendor with the experience to guide and map out a successful pilot study. The risk evaluation by the company should be reasonable in order to give way to confidence with the risk that will be brought forward to a full installation. The “perceived benefit” versus the cost side of the risk must be considered. The pilot study allows companies to weigh out the benefits firsthand.

A project isn’t even considered unless it has some reasonable expectations for successful outcomes. Sometimes the solution is an area of much debate and organizations struggle with how to understand and quantify a solution’s benefits. This is where the Pilot Study shines because there is real data to validate and measure the benefits. The real value of a paid pilot study shows real data and it allows companies to get insights into the benefits of the solution. The pilot study is one of the best ways to measure and validate the benefits of a solution. This information helps companies feel comfortable making the decision to move forward with a full deployment. With the ROI statistics and qualitative benefits, the pilot study is a great way to appease dissenters of the organization and bring them along as supporters. “Believe it when I see it types” can be a hindrance. A pilot study with the sound data and examples of how this idea can work on their process and the benefits it can provide for them speaks volumes in terms of making their organization more effective and efficient. Having the right technology partner is crucial in mapping out the pilot study and helping companies decide what the outcomes for them are most important. Companies should look for technology partners, like EIS who have the experience and industry knowledge for a successful pilot study. Knowing what to look for and how to successfully deploy a solution is key because eventually the real solution gets rolled out. EIS has this experience and with our OpsTrakker electronic logbook solution, we can get you started quickly. Call me or message me to talk about how a paid pilot study can help your organization. Let’s talk about your challenges and concerns. Let us obsess over the details. A little money upfront through a paid pilot study will springboard the project into a full-blown project/solution. Let us help you keep your eye on the goal to ensure that by the time the pilot study is done, your organization has a sound example of success.

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