Global Companies need Global Solutions Like OpsTrakker

by Eileen SullivanScully on 7th May 2018

Global Companies need Global Solutions Like OpsTrakker

Implementing a global electronic solution that is “out of the box” with less than 10% customization is a huge benefit for companies with multiple sites. How many global companies really think about what it means to have an “out of the box” solution that is “standardized” across multiple sites?

Manufacturing sites on a global scale need to collaborate across multiple sites. Consistency, No Delay and less than 10% customization is a huge benefit for these multinational global organizations.

When there is consistency, there is conformity in the process which is necessary no matter where they are located in the world. No Delay transforms communication of data between sites thru easy to use digital tools (ipads & Iphones) that End Users can instantly access. Critical key, mutually consistent decisions and information across the organization is a priority. Standardization across multiple sites enables maximum compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability and quality.

This benefit is huge to an organization. End Users give rise to SME communities within the global organization to collaborate and offer learning within. These SME communities are “go to” places where collaboration and learning creates places for end users from across the organization can go to learn more. This type of collaboration opens up communication within an organization which results in “better, faster and compliant” to get products to market.

Global companies need to ask questions about solutions to maximize the best fit for their manufacturing. An “out of the box” solution with less than 10% customization plays a key role in making changes or upgrades. Key considerations to think about and checklist are important to helping decision makers check off the boxes to make the best decision. Does the vendor have experience and thought leadership to support the solution? Are they investing in their product? What new versions are available? Do they have templates? Templates are so important. Can they protect what the organizations already has in place? Message me for a discussion call or to learn more. Let us help guide and consult with you on these key concerns. Choosing the best technology partner with experience, a global presence and a high-level solution like OpsTrakker, allows global organizations to make best fit decisions for successful outcomes.

For a solution to be Global it must be Enterprise Ready. What this means to companies is the solution should be able to be implemented without any disruption to the shopfloor and be translatable into the respective language. So many times, companies think they are getting a global solution only to find out later they must get it “ready” for their local sites. Without a well thought out plan with a technology partner that has experience the companies that buy Global Solutions can feel confident EIS has that experience.

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