Operational Intelligence

Leverage existing investments to unlock unrealized value.

Operational Intelligence is EIS’s offering to help our customers improve visibility to real-time plant information, providing the context to confidently take action that improves plant operations. Our focus is on our client’s production, maintenance and quality work process across the plant floor and vertically from the plant through MES to the ERP system. Our approach is to leverage our client’s existing investments to unlock the latent, unrealized value.

OI Flow

Networking and Security

Assessment, planning, implementation, verification, and optimization services for your industrial network/cyber security.


Bridging the gaps between existing systems maintain both security and functionality.


Building the foundation by connecting the disparate data sources and providing a common data architecture.

Visualisation and Reporting

Transforming data into information through standardized, consistent, clear reporting and clear visualization of opportunity.


Quantified value capture allowing maintenance/operations to take action that improves reliability, efficiency, production.


Elimination of manual tasks and reduction in errors - repeatable & traceable. Using software to capture Intellectual Property.

Our Operational Intelligence expertise has been used in project implementations in the following sectors:


Specialty Chemicals

Renewable Energy

Oil & Gas



Consumer Goods

We have experience providing Operational Intelligence solutions using the following vendors: