Enhanced Information Solutions (EIS) France

French Regional Headquarters

Global Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Consulting

Our French subsidiary, Enhanced Information Solutions France, provides world class MES Consulting services to customers across France, Europe, and French speaking regions. Headquartered in Lyon, EIS France can provide cost-effective consulting services to a variety of manufacturing solutions, including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). We give our customer’s the best MES implementation experience to ensure a successful launch. This agility and ability to mesh with our customers’ internal teams helps us quickly ramp up for projects of all capacities.

EIS France provides clients with a diverse group of resources capable of supporting any MES project, across all stages of the project life cycle. Consultants are experienced in a number of MES systems to support clients across France – as well as projects throughout the world.

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Enhanced Information Solutions France

65 rue Jacques-Louis Henon, 69004 LYON



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